The Team behind Comfort Heating

Infrared technology

Comfort Heating is a Dutch developer and producer of long wave infrared panels. These include our broadly applicable Comfortscreens, powerful Heatscreens and aesthetically pleasing Saniscreens.

All panels are accurately handcrafted in our factory by a passionate team. This translates to infrared products that strike a balance between being a comfortable heating solution and also energy efficient.


Comfort Heating - in-house
Driving forces

On a daily basis, owners Leo de Mos and Pim van der Linde strive to correctly inform customers about long wave infrared technology. Our infrared panels are not a magical thing surrounded by exciting buzz words. Instead, it is a natural heating method – just like how the sun also provides heat to the earth.

Genuine advice

Thanks to more than 25 years of experience with development, testing and production, we have garnered a proper understanding of infrared technology and how to apply this knowledge in the field as an efficient heating solution.

As a result, we provide infrared panels that are broadly applicable for businesses of all types and sizes. This also comes with an honest insight into the workings of infrared. If our panels are not a suitable solution for your needs, we will not hesitate to share this upfront.

Apart from being genuine about infrared technology, we also strive to provide you with a good product. That is why our infrared panels are developed and manufactured in-house, which includes our patented Heatscreen.

Heatscreen 2300W - Transportbedrijf Koning & Drenth Beerta