Our Comfortscreens are the culmination of 25 years of experience with infrared technology. They make us of an aluminum housing, allowing the panel to reach its ideal operating temperature in an efficient manner. The construction materials have been carefully chosen and the panels are assembled in The Netherlands.

Our guiding principles for these panels are durability and efficiency, whether the Comfortscreens are used for residential heating, offices or on an industrial scale, this heating solution can be applied broadly.

Comfort Heating Comfortscreen


Our Deskscreen is a personal heating solution that can be mounted under a desk, making it ideal for heating up hands and feet. These are great for those working at home, gamers and office spaces. Due to its lower output, it is the only infrared solution in our line-up that can be regulated by directly turning it on and off.


Our Heatscreens feature an impressive output up to 2300 W, allowing them to heat up even the tallest of spaces. When bringing a space up to temperature, the accumulation of radiative heat is key. Through this heating process it is possible to evenly heat a space without air circulation.

Depending on your needs, we offer a choice between 1300 W and 2300 W. In terms of placement options, it is possible to mount Heatscreens on walls and ceilings, as well as on adjustable stands. On top of that, the panels feature an IP65 rating, allowing for outdoor use.

Comfort Heating - Heatscreen


Our Saniscreens are an ideal heating solution for sanitary spaces, both for private and business use. These infrared panels feature an optional mirror finish and accessoires such as a built-in towel rack, making them an esthetically pleasing yet functional choice.

These panels also feature an IP44 rating with a level 2 protection. This guarantees a safe operation, even in wetter environments such as showers.